Eugene Meng


Live from My Beloved Studio @Yale University

Live from My Beloved Studio @Yale University


Hi! I am Eugene : }

[EDUCATION] - I am currently a master student of Human Computer Interaction + Design at University of Washington, working on my capstone project for the 2020 Europa Clipper Oribter Mission sponsored by NASA JPL. Before gravitating towards HCI design, I earned an MA degree from Yale University pursuing interactive space design and accessibility and studied English literature for my undergrad at Nanjing University in China.

[EXPERIENCE] - Born and assembled in China, I have been living on and off and traveling in Asia, Europe and Americas since I was a kid. The amazing life, cultures and mindsets of the places I have been exposed to have become an organic part of me, making every day of my life a humbling experience.

[MY FAVORITES] - With compassion for humans and nature, I hold the avant-garde spirit of exploring technology, arts (both classic and digital), and in general, any potentials of a more hopeful future of human life. One thing that always makes me glow with happiness is painting on a canvas or in VR. My other favorites include visiting museums/galleries, skating, horse-riding, scuba diving, and watching animated films!


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